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**MUST Be Completed by INDIVIDUAL Player**

USTA/Midwest Section USTA League Standing Order: 1.04G(2)e

a.) A player, who qualifies for Championship level competition within a division on two or more different NTRP levels, may play on any or all of these teams but there will be no accommodation in the championship schedule.

b.) A player who qualifies on two or more teams within a division at the same NTRP level competition at the same championship will be eligible only for one team and that choice must be reported in writing to the championship director by the deadline set by each District Championship Committee and by 12:00 (noon) local time on the Monday preceding the state and sectional championship. A player representing two local leagues in the same district who fails to declare will automatically be assigned to the first team on which the player registered. A player representing two different districts, who fails to declare, will automatically be assigned to the player’s home district. A player must remain with his or her chosen team for all Championship play up to and including the National Championships, or their equivalent. After elimination of the chosen team, a player may not advance with another team at the same NTRP level.


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I have qualified for Championship Play at the same NTRP level on multiple teams and am electing to move forward on the following team.  

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